Why Roast Your Own Coffee?

Fresh Home Roasted Coffee Beans

Fresh Home Roasted Coffee Beans

Un-roasted green coffee beans are undrinkable, it is the roasting process that causes many chemical changes to create a unique flavoursome brown coffee bean.

The roasting process forces water out of the beans and transforms some of the sugars to CO2 gas. Roasting caramelises the sugars in the bean and transforms them into fragrant flavoured oils. Roasted coffee gets its characteristic taste from the caramalised sugars and oils in the bean.

Freshly roasted coffee is at its peak 24 to 72 hours after roasting and after this a proportion of the aroma gets oxidised by the air and so loses taste. Even in an airtight container, each time its opened, the taste will reduce. After a week a large amount of the aroma has diminished and so freshness is key.

Unless you live near a speciality roaster that roasts at least once a week then you are not getting the freshest most aromatic coffee. Coffee found in shops or supermarkets could have been roasted months ago and as a result, the coffee is lacking so much in flavour and aroma.

Besides freshness roasting your own coffee saves so much money and is basically half the price of roasted coffee. Why settle for an inferior and less satisfying cup of coffee.

Start by picking your green beans, which look like a hard dried small pea! Green beans vary largely in size and the larger the bean the longer they will take to roast. Make sure you use beans that have been fully washed, as this will greatly reduce the amount of chaff. The roasting process is what turns this hard un-drinkable green bean into a very satisfying and drinkable cup of coffee.

At Cracking Beans you can buy green coffee beans directly from us, once you have used the 250g that come as part of the home coffee roaster set.

Cracking Beans Costa Rica SHB Verenera Green Coffee Beans

Cracking Beans Costa Rica SHB Verenera Green Coffee Beans

I have been home roasting coffee for 5 years and couldn’t believe how simple it really is. I did however come across issues with different roasting methods from expensive home roasters, breaking easily due to the high temperatures needed to roast and then a need to cool the beans at a low temperature. This is a lot of work for a small household device!

I then noticed with other options out there, that there is little control over temperature levels, and so little control over the degree of your roast. I tried a few stovetop roasters but these were mainly aluminium and so heated up quickly, but also lost their heat quickly and so produced a non-uniform roast, with often bad tasting results.

I decided as I love coffee so much I would create the Cracking Beans Home Coffee Roasting Set. The base took 3 years to develop; it heats gradually and uniformly, compared with an aluminium base and also stores the heat, so as a result you get a much tastier and satisfying roasted bean. With the unique tumbling mechanism you are also sure to get an even roast. You also have full control over your level of roast unlike many other methods.

It’s simple and fun to home roast your coffee beans and you will be amazed by the results. Coffee simply never tasted so good!