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Treat yourself to the best coffee when you simply roast your own

 UK Designed Home Coffee Roaster

Why Roast Your Own Coffee?

1. Its Simple Due To Our New Coffee Roasters Unique Features - You can easily create unbelievable coffee at home in a few basic steps. Roast coffee Like a pro.

2. It's Cheaper - Unroasted coffee beans are half the price of roasted coffee beans.

3. It Tastes Better - The freshness of home roasted coffee cannot be beaten.

4. Its Fun and Great To Learn About Different Coffees - Its amazing the difference in tastes between coffees from different areas of the globe

Treat yourself to simply the best!


Your Coffee Roasting Journey Starts Here….. 

Roast coffee like a pro and simply roast enough coffee for the week in only 12 minutes. Turn the roaster occasionally on your hob to produce an even, flavoursome roast. The results are amazing and you will save 50% compared to buying already roasted coffee beans.

The set comes complete with everything you need to start roasting and grinding your coffee, so you can always make the perfect coffee right from your own home.It includes our manual coffee roaster, stainless steel burr grinder, as well as 250grams of hand-picked green artisan coffee beans. All this for £95


The Roaster


Unique tumbling mechanism and carefully crafted base to ensure optimum roasting temperatures


The Grinder


Grind your fresh roast like a pro with our sleek hand grinder, complete with stainless steel grinding burr


The Green Beans

From £13 per KG

250 grams of the finest Arabica green coffee beans. Handpicked lots from coffee farms around the world


How to Roast Your

Coffee Beans?

Add your green beans in the Cracking Beans home roaster

Stir gently from time to time and watch your beans tumble

Start to see the change in colour from green to brown

Hear the beans crack as your roast develops

In approximately 12 minutes your roast is complete


Home Roasted Coffee Is Where Coffee Tastes Best…..

Fresh Coffee as it Should Taste


Coffee Roast Profiles

Cracking Beans Coffee, UK designed and carefully crafted home coffee roaster set that will deliver the freshest coffee you have ever tasted in the comfort of your own home. Even more satisfying is the joy in creating it yourself and experiencing all the different tastes coffee has to offer. Create your own coffee blend, choose how light or dark you want your roast. The choice is yours.

Like grapes in wine, coffee beans from different parts of the world will produce a very different tasting coffee. One of the joys of roasting your own coffee is experimenting with these different flavours. You, the home roaster, can also control the kind of coffee you produce simply by how light or dark you decide to take your roast. Click below to learn more and also a little bit of roasting terminology too, such as first and second crack, which led to our moniker, ‘Cracking Beans’.