The Home Coffee Roaster

The Home Coffee Roaster


Having travelled and experienced some exceptional coffees around the world, returning to the UK we became tired of the lacklustre brews delivered in the majority of coffee shops. That’s how our home coffee roasting journey began and over the last 4 years we have experimented, tried and tested to perfect the home coffee roaster at an affordable price. Here’s the result….

The Cracking Beans home coffee roaster is UK designed and carefully crafted. The roaster will roast 250g of green coffee beans, enough to last for one week and can be used on your kitchen hob (gas, electric or induction).

The unique tumbling mechanism ensures your coffee beans are evenly and perfectly roasted and with an open viewing window, you can monitor the progression of your home roast with ease. The turning mechanism only needs turning occasionally during the roast, to tumble the beans. Your coffee beans will be roasted in approximately 12 minutes.

Home coffee roasting is simple and fun with the Cracking Beans Home Coffee Roaster. Once you have tried it you won’t look back, as it is simply the freshest most delicious coffee ever!

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