The Home Coffee Roaster Set

The Home Coffee Roaster Set


The Cracking Beans home coffee roasting set, UK designed and carefully crafted, includes everything you need to create the freshest, most delicious coffee, in the comfort of your own home. The coffee roasting set includes:-

  • A roaster to roast your coffee beans on your hob (gas, electric or induction)

  • 250g of green coffee beans to roast. This produces enough coffee to last a week (unless you are a complete coffee addict!)

  • A grinder to grind your roasted coffee beans. The grinder is sleek and comes complete with a stainless steel grinding burr, making it far more robust than conventional hand grinders.

Coffee roasting is not only simple to do, but it is great fun too. Nothing beats creating that perfect roast and the satisfaction of tasting the results. A great addition to the family kitchen and pure joy to have the smell of roasting coffee fill your home.

Let your coffee roasting journey start here…..

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