It all started when…

I simply grew tired of mediocre (at best) coffee delivered by the vast majority of coffee shops in the UK. I love coffee and a bad coffee could spoil my day! Having travelled extensively and tasted coffee in countries that grow their own beans, the difference blew my mind.

From these experiences I learned that most of the coffee we drink in coffee shops is basically ‘off’ unless they display their roast date, which should be within 2 weeks of you drinking it max. As soon as coffee is roasted the process of oxidation begins and given that a lot of coffee shops don’t roast their own coffee and there is usually a significant amount of travelling before it reaches our mouths, it stands to reason, you are simply not drinking the best.

I have been roasting my own coffee now for 4 years and have honed the roaster and grinder over this time. My experiences will ensure you to can now enjoy the freshest most flavoursome coffee in the comfort of your own home. Roasting has become a real home comfort for us as a family and the joy of drinking a coffee you have roasted yourself is insurmountable. Similar to grapes in wine, beans from different countries have distinctly different flavours and how dark you choose to take your roast will impact on the taste. This is all part of the fun of roasting your own coffee! Let your roasting journey begin here…….