• Measure out 250g of green coffee

  • Place the tumbling mechanism in the pan making sure the central spindle aligns with the central groove in the base

  • Warm the pan on the stove for around 30 seconds on a low heat. Turn on you extractor fan

  • Add the beans. Never use a high heat otherwise you will scorch the beans

  • Turn gently from time to time to time noticing the gradual change in colour of the beans from green to yellow. Make sure no beans get stuck in the centre of the pan

  • You will hear some cracking noises and start to see roast smoke at around 7-8 minutes. This is known as first crack

  • Carry on turning. You will start to see the beans get darker and darker. Second crack should occur anywhere between 10-13 minutes

  • Remove from the heat. This should be anywhere between 10-15 minutes depending on your tasting preference

  • Pour the beans into a metal colander and leave the roaster to cool before washing. Stir the beans with a wooden spoon until they are warm to the touch. Blow on the beans to remove the chaff or shake between two colanders.

  • Coffee should be stored out of direct light (and not in a fridge or freezer) in an airtight glass jar. With your fresh roast wait 12 hours before sealing the jar tightly, as the beans need to vent off CO2

  • Your coffee beans are now ready to grind and brew. Enjoy!

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