Why Grind Your Own Coffee? Electric Grinder Vs Manual Grinder


In a word ‘flavour’ . Freshly ground coffee tastes so much better than pre-ground coffee. Try smelling coffee you have just ground to one ground a day or so ago. The difference is staggering! Grinding your own coffee also allows you to alter the grind so as to get the most out of your preferred brewing method. Will it be Frenchpress, Drip, Aeropress or Espresso?

Its all down to how much you love your coffee and basically how much you want to spend that will determine, which grinder you opt for. The type of coffee grinder you pick will greatly affect how your coffee tastes. I have highlighted some of the main points to consider below:

Burr Grinders Vs Blade Grinders

Coffee Grinders grind the beans in one of two ways either with a blade or a burr.

With a blade grinder the bean is basically sliced into lots of small pieces with no uniformity in size. As a result the taste created by beans ground in this way will be inferior to a burr grinder. You also have little control over the grind size and so in my experience, works best for an Espresso. They are however very cost effective and produce your ground coffee quickly. Using a blade grinder is still much better than using already ground coffee you may get in the supermarket.

Burr Grinders – With two oscillating plates known as burrs that come together and literally grind the beans and not slice them like a blade grinder, As a result you get a much more uniform grind and as a result, a much better tasting coffee. You have plenty of control over your grind and so this method works perfectly, which ever brewing method you fancy. Burr grinders are much more expensive but are pretty full proof in creating a uniform grind.

Electric Grinders Vs Manual Grinders

 If time is of the essence then electric grinder all the way. I do believe though if you want the most out of your bean then manual is far more authentic. My basic rule is an electric burr grinder during the week and at the weekend a manual grinder to give me that special weekend treat. Manual grinders are also much cheaper than a burr grinder.

I have tried many manual grinders and often found them quite difficult to turn, especially if set for a fine grind. I developed from my experience my very own  manual coffee grinder sold in the Home Coffee Roasting Set at www.crackingbeans.com. The main benefits are a stainless steel burr, which makes it easier to grind the beans, compared with a ceramic burr. You can see exactly how much coffee you have ground, with a clear base. When the clear base is full it means you have the perfect 20g of ground coffee. The Cracking Beans grinder has a good number of varied grind settings, so you can create the perfect grind for your chosen brewing method, whether it be French Press or an Espresso. The Cracking Beans grinder is small and lightweight, so great to fit in a drawer, take on holiday or on a a business trip.


In conclusion, the choice of coffee grinder is ultimately down to you. However, trust me, it is honestly amazing to try the same coffee bean ground in different ways, as the taste can vary so much. Therefore choosing the right coffee grinder is a vital component for your home coffee roasting journey.